Base representative Faculty of Science and Engineering Professor Prof. Yoshihiro Shibata

Base representative
Faculty of Science and Engineering

Prof. Yoshihiro SHIBATA

Waseda Goes Global is a ten-year plan to connect the university with the world and to revolutionize its research and education programs amidst the dynamic currents of global scholarship

Physics and Mathematics at Waseda University covers prominent research areas such as quantum mechanics, quantum mathematics, biophysics, mathematical fluid mechanics, numerical analysis and fluid machinery. With this background focus, the doctoral program of the Faculty of Science and Engineering carries out international multidisciplinary research and education concerning mathematical analysis, modelling, and numerical analysis for the investigation of multi-scale phenomena. This is not just confined to education and research by university faculty members, but also involves student study abroad and reception of foreign students, exchange of faculty members for mutually beneficial teaching and research guidance,and establishment of an international research framework for joint research. Moreover, regular international workshops at Waseda are held, which consists of intensive courses and research presentations by world-class researchers and student research presentations, organised in cooperation with universities in Europe and North America.

It is particularly important that our students do not simply attend lectures, but also experience research guidance in collaboration with long-established partner institutions, both by means of study abroad in foreign research.

This builds the foundations for their future work on the international stage, and prepares them for active participation in the global research community, at the same time stimulating them to apply for doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships and grants.

Students doing excellent research are supported by scholarships and assistantships, thus strengthening their research capabilities and contributing to the development of the research infrastructure. In these ways the effectiveness of doctoral education is greatly enhanced, as well as the production of excellent research publications. In addition to producing talented people with international and cross-cultural backgrounds, the practical benefits of our project include improved predictions due to more accurate simulation based on rigorous mathematics, and activities leading to the development of industrial infrastructure which will support scientific Japan.

Publications and textbooks written by faculty members will be disseminated widely throughout the world. The scientific base established by our project will be supported and sustained by external funds from agencies such as CREST and KAKENHI.

With excellent internationally-oriented researchers and students in Physics and Mathematics at its core, our project follows the Waseda tradition of engineering based on scientific principles. By simultaneously deepening and developing education and research,and maintaining a strong international outlook, we aim to realize the goals of the Waseda University Ocean Initiative.