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about International Workshop on the Multi-Phase Flow; Analysis, Modeling and Numerics

As technology develops, it becomes more and more important to analyze, predict and control complex multi-scale phenomena accurately. The multi-phase flow is a representative example of such complex phenomena which appears in many important problems in industry. In this workshop, internationally recognized researchers in mathematics such as partial differential equation, probability and geometry as well as in physics and engineering will be invited and present state-of-the-art results of their research, which will be concerned with analysis, modeling and numerical simulation of the multi-phase flow. It is a purpose of this workshop to explore methods to analyze, predict and control the multi-phase flow through interdisciplinary discussions of mathematics, physics and engineering.

This workshop will be held as part of the activity of Top Global University Project at Waseda University, which intends to produce talented people with international and cross-cultural backgrounds. In order to enhance international and multi-disciplinary education in the doctoral program, this workshop also contains intensive courses by world-class researchers and student research presentations.

Supported by

  1. Mathematics and Physics Unit, "Multiscale Analysis, Modeling and Simulation"
    Top Global University Project, Waseda University
  2. JSPS Grant No.24224004, Construction of mathematical theory to investigate the macro structure and the meso structure of the fluid motion (Yoshihiro SHIBATA)
  3. Institute of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Comprehensive Research Organization, Waseda University